The Neighbor Project

Volunteer Philosophy

Our efforts are NOT charity.

We are not the greater giving to the lesser. We are living kindness, which says what its root implies–we see everyone as KIN. Both the homebuyers and volunteers are “us,” and we are each supplying something of what the other needs: different perspectives of the world; opportunities to use time and abilities; opportunities to see and be with the larger community of “us,” . . . just to name a few.

These homes are OUR homes.

So we treat them as such. We put forth our best efforts, knowing that part of our family will be living here. This will mean careful attention to detail; neat work; and leaving behind a clean and orderly space.

Volunteering is a PRIVILEGE.

Homebuyers let us enter into their world in intimate ways. That means we “get to” be here—Not we “have to” be here or even we “should” be here. This vulnerable sharing leads us to an attitude of humility, gratitude, and joy.


There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer:

  • Be a Church Partner. Each of our properties is supported by a church or small group. Churches provide monthly financial sponsorship, but also serve as a consistent source of volunteers who help with property upkeep, family mentorship and ongoing spiritual and relational support. Our mission fails without the church. From one body come many gifts. If your church or small group is interested in sponsoring a residence, contact our volunteer coordinator to learn how.


  • Become a Maintenance Partner and work directly with a family in our “Networked Savings” program. If you’ve been through the home-buying process yourself and you know what it’s like—your wisdom and presence could be invaluable to a family saving to purchase its first home.


  • Volunteer Periodically in one of the following roles where the frequency can vary from once per month or just once per year:
    • Cleaning Teams: Help us save time and money by helping after one family buys a home and another is getting ready to move into one of our apartments. Projects range from general house cleaning to simple painting projects.
    • Special Project Teams: church and business groups serve an important role in keeping our properties looking nice and adding to the stability of our neighborhoods. One-time projects can include landscaping (planting, mulching, raking), painting, and other minor rehab projects.
    • Pick-Ups & Deliveries: From time to time, TNP needs help from owners of trucks or vans who have the capability of helping families move or assisting with donated items. This is a sporadic, “as needed” and “as available” volunteer need.
    • Financial Literacy Workshops: This volunteer opportunity is geared towards banking or Finance professionals who want to help conduct an educational workshop on financial capability topics.


Volunteer Waiver Form


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