Strengthening Communities from Within

At The Neighbor Project, we help people escape debt, save money and purchase homes—so they can be full participants in their communities. We’re helping our neighbors prosper, so our neighborhoods can prosper too. We’re reclaiming the city’s greatest asset: The people who already live here.

Joseph Corporation and Emmanuel House have merged to become The Neighbor Project.

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See how The Neighbor Project helps position working families to be the primary drivers of neighborhood revitalization by educating and preparing families to reduce their debt and begin building wealth.


Pathways to Financial Stability

Fix Your Credit

Escape debt and build a budget with one-on-one credit counseling. Sometimes, it takes someone else to show you the way forward.

Prepare for Homeownership

Ready to buy? Homebuyer education gets you the knowledge you’ll need to purchase—and keep—your home.

Networked Savings

Whether it’s a home, college, or some other savings goal, The Neighbor Project may be able to help!

Avoid Foreclosure

Your house may be your greatest asset. The foreclosure prevention program shows you ways to keep it you may not have known about.